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Calendar Photo Locations

I've been asked about the locations for the photos in the 2023 calendar. I don't think that any of the spots are super secret and so I've put together the following information:

Cover - Val di Funes

St. Magdalena, Val di Funes in the Dolomites The Dolomites are my favourite place to be and to photograph with their impossible-looking peaks and pastoral valleys, like the little chapel of San Giovanni in Val di Funes.

January - Snow-Lined Alley

Geltendorf, Germany This tree-lined avenue is about 5 km from our house. After a winter storm at the beginning of last year we went for a walk down there and I was able to capture this scene. I find it's useful to know an area well in order to be able to make the best use of the weather conditions.

February - Breitach Gorge in Winter

Breitach Gorge, Bavaria We've been visiting the Breitach Gorge for years, but it wasn't until last year that I discovered an upper bridge spanning the valley where you can look down into the deep cut in the landscape. When I first saw it I knew immediately that I would have to come back in fresh snow. The small family on the bridge complete the image.

March - Cambridge Backstreet

Trinity Lane, Cambridge UK My wife Sharon grew up in Cambridge. This image of Trinity Lane after a rain shower is far from original, but I love the light in the puddle here.

April - Wayside Flowers

Geltendorf, Germany Sometimes the geometric pattern of a flower is enough to catch your eye. The water droplets take this from an ok image to something really special though.

May - Welsh Bluebells

Beddgelert, North Wales, UK Sharon and I went to university in Wales and have hiked a lot in the Welsh mountains. Whenever we can we go back for a few days to refresh our souls. I was concerned when we went back in May last year that the bluebell season would already be over. In England it was, but in the wilder Welsh countryside they were still in full bloom.

June - Ynys Mon Lighthouse

Ynys Llanddwyn, Angelsey, Wales, UK There's a long story behind this image that I've told elsewhere. According to a fellow photographer who I met waiting for the sun to set on this beautiful landmark, this is the most photographed building in all of Wales. After looking online, I haven't seen many that feature the beautiful Sea Pinks like this.

July - Soča Gorge

The Small Soča Gorge, Slovenia The Soča river in Slovenia is famous for its blue colour. I was very happy to catch this small scene in the small Soča gorge with a long exposure to smooth out the wild water.

August - Heaven's Gate

Near the Kenzenhütte in the Bavarian Alps Another photo with a long story behind it. This isolated chapel in the alps forms the foreground for a capture of the night sky in late summer.

September - Welsh Razorbill

South Stack Lighthouse, Angelsey, Wales, UK One of the things that I miss about living in the UK is coastal photography. This proud razorbill sitting on the cliffs under South Stack lighthouse was only one of a few. There were tens of thousands of guillemots raucously calling to their mates on the cliffs around.

October - Seceda Ridge

Seceda Ridge, Ortisei, Dolomites Dolomites again, this time the famous Seceda ridge above Ortisei. The peaks of the Odile range have a magical effect on anyone looking at them.

November - Dawn at Aescher

Gasthaus Aescher, Alpstein Mountains, Switzerland We've been to the iconic Gasthaus Aescher a couple of times over the years, but never stayed there until September last year. Waking up early one morning I was able to catch the beautiful light of the sunrise reflected in the windows of this wooden structure built right up against the rocks.

December - Christmas Lights at Kaltenberg

Kaltenberg, Bavaria, Germany This last image is the one taken closest to our home in the small village of Kaltenberg, about 50 km west of Munich in the Bavarian countryside. At Christmas they decorate the local castle and hold a charming Christmas market there that we look forward to every year.

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