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Who We Are

​Metaphysical questions aside, the names behind "Mountain Photography Workshop" are Mike & Sharon Page. Our journey together started back in the late 80s when we were at university together in Aberystwyth, Wales. After graduating we relocated to Munich, Germany, to be closer to the mountains and to pursue careers in science. At the time of writing, that's where we still are, living in the Bavarian countryside 50 km west of the city near the head of the Ammersee.

Since moving here we've climbed Mont Blanc, mastered the Via Ferrata of the Dolomites, cross-country skied in Norway and raised two mini-mountaineers who have since moved on. Even back at university in the 80s we both had SLRs and have always had an eye for landscape photography, most prominently in connection with our mountain escapades.

We're both hardened Alpaholics (read that carefully) and qualified DAV (German alpine association) Wanderleiter (hike leaders I guess would be the English translation). Ever a fan of the unconventional, I shoot Olympus rather than Canon or Nikon, use ON1 Photo Raw to process my images, being an Adobophobe and we're both involved in a local English-speaking church.

We love sharing our passion for photography with others who are eager to learn and haven't yet gotten out of the phase where we're flattered by other people's attention to our work.

But there's more to come...

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