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Yes, yes, blogs are so 2010, I know. I was only 10 years behind the curve when I started...

Older blog entries can be found on my old Blogger site, the most recent ones are linked below


Ten (More) Below Zero

I think we're going to have to stop going to Norway in the winter. Last time a pandemic broke out. This time a war. This isn't a good track record. Nevertheless, we had a great week of... 


Finding My Photographic Niche

We all have a photographic niche that is unique to us, an area where we can excel above all others. Yes, even you. You may not yet have the technical skills or equipment to exploit that niche, but...


Revisiting Old Haunts

I think we probably all have our favourite local places for photography. We're lucky where we are with my local little woodland and Lake Ammersee only 10 min away by car. One of my other go-to places...


The Mists of Winter

December deceived us. After a series of decent snowfalls through Advent we thought that we might see a white Christmas, or at the very least that we could get away to snow in the mountains over the holiday period. Unfortunately...

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