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Helping you to take better photos

I'm a landscape and nature photographer based near the Bavarian Alps. Available for workshops and 1:1 instruction. Check out my image portfolio to see whether my images inspire you and you think you might have something to learn from me.


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“Being a good photographer is about being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, knowing how to use that equipment to capture the best image of the scene in front of you in the field and being able to make the most of that image in the digital darkroom. The 'where' and 'when' start off as serendipity, but experience can teach us how to maximise the chances or recreating those circumstances. Learning how to get the best out of the scene to hand takes work and effort.” - Mike Page


Who We Are

We are Mike & Sharon Page. Our journey together started back in the late 80s when we were at university together in Aberystwyth, Wales. After graduating we relocated to Munich, Germany, to be close to the mountains and to pursue careers in science.

Since moving here we've climbed Mont Blanc, mastered the Via Ferrata of the Dolomites and cross-country skied in Norway. Even back at university in the 80s we both had SLRs and have always had an eye for landscape photography, most prominently in connection with our mountain escapades.

We're both hardened Alpaholics (read that carefully) and qualified DAV (German alpine association) Wanderleiter. Ever a fan of the unconventional, I shoot Olympus rather than Canon or Nikon, use ON1 Photo Raw to process my images.

We love sharing our passion for photography with others who are eager to learn and haven't yet gotten out of the phase where we're flattered by other people's attention to our work.

Tina S

Mike came over the first time to take some initial pics, mainly for location scouting and light check. He immediately suggested that we should also consider taking pictures of the horses interacting with us, instead of just the horses alone. We loved that idea and those pictures really turned out to be our favourites.

Mike D

With the bridge behind the castle (Neuschwanstein) being closed Mike took me to a less known spot to get an amazing vantage point. It did not disappoint! With his local knowledge I was able to capture a few stunning images of the castle and surrounding areas that day.

Janice L

I thought you were an excellent teacher .. having a calmness and patience and a joy in taking time. to get the photo right and explaining in a very understandable way what to do .. that is certainly a gift... I appreciated you did nt make me feel dumb having quite an ignorance about using a camera properly. :) !

I found the practical tips very helpful .. like the analogy of the caricature... focusing on drawing out the element that caught your eye, in animal photography making sure the eye is in focus...

Andrew R

Mike is a consummate professional who knows his stuff! He will work with you on what aspects of photography you struggle with, and will take you to amazing locations and help you set up amazing shots!

Matthias T

Mike is an experienced outdoor photographer and a mindful and creative person who knows some tricks. He is able to assist and guide you on location to perceive your vision of nature photography and can help you to capture brief moments in time as a joyful memory.



+49 176 2211 4951

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